Demo Shoes, a.k.a., why I love Adidas

Certainly you are familiar with the concept of Pub Runs?

The idea is this:  A local running group loosely organizes an informal group run – typically anywhere from 3-5 miles in length – where you all meet up at a local bar afterward. Often, said bar will give some sort of drink special to the runners. Depending on who is organizing the run, sometimes shoe reps will be on site to offer shoe demos.

A local running store offers these up periodically in the cooler months, which is always a welcome treat for my friends and I as incentive to get out there and run. In the most recent one, there was a shoe rep from Adidas on site demo-ing the new Supernovas. They are an upgrade from the Supernova Glide series, which has been my go-to shoe since I started running. I’ve tried a lot of different models and brands, and I always come back to this shoe. They are on the pricier side, but I have a pair that have over 500 miles on them and are still sufficient to log shorter runs.

I was really excited to check out the latest model. Running Warehouse describes them as follows: “with a 20% boost increase, this trainer will offer the most underfoot cushioning to date while also offering a springy, responsive ride. A completely redesigned outsole closely resembles the premium Ultra Boost design and a softer engineered mesh should continue to offer fantastic breathability.” The shoe fit felt the same – which I’ve found to be the case with every pair of Glides I’ve had (I’m currently on my third). They DID feel springier underfoot, which I enjoyed. I initially thought this is because they were just new, but so far I have only 30 miles on my newest pair, and these were definitely springier.

They are also supposedly .7 oz lighter, though I didn’t necessarily notice a significant difference there.

However – as I said to a couple friends who also demo’ed the shoes at the run – my favorite thing about these shoes is that they are reliable workhorses. It’s like Goldilocks and Baby Bear’s bed – they are just right. There’s nothing specific about them that they do or that I particularly love that other shoes lack. I just like these. They fit. They feel good. They take a pounding. Most other shoes I’ve worn are shot at 300 miles – I have a heavy foot fall – and these still feel great well afterward. This past year I put the most miles in ever – just under 750 – and I have a goal of 850 for 2017. This means that I probably won’t need new sneakers until sometime in the fall. With how much money I spend on gym memberships, apparel, race fees, etc., only having to buy shoes twice a year (if that) is a relief for my pocketbook.

Basically this. Running is NOT cheap!

So, given that I know I’ll have my current pair for some time (my old ones also still have life in them, so when I up my mileage at the end of next month I’ll start rotating those in to save the newer pair a bit), I know this means I don’t have to jump online now and buy 15 pairs of the “old” model before they are out of stock. If anything, I’ll have to resist the urge to buy these new ones because they felt so good!

Think you want to try these for yourself? Go to your local running store and have a fitting! Or maybe see if there is a Pub Run happening sometime soon near you! It’s always fun to demo new shoes and see how they feel in a non-competitive environment, where you get to really test out the sneakers for a few miles instead of just a lap around the parking lot.

*Note – This post is my own unqualified opinion, completely unsolicited. That said, if Adidas would like to sponsor me and send me pairs of their new Supernovas to review for a longer run, I wouldn’t turn down that opportunity! 😉


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