Saturday Shorts: Are you exercising TOO much?

I was pointed to a Well + Good piece that ran earlier this year on overexercising and metabolism.  I’ve been thinking really thoughtfully on how best to incorporate all the things I love and be healthy, and this definitely spoke to many things that trip me up when trying to do All The Things!  (FOMO is real, friends.)
I was SORE this week, guys.  Sore in a good way!  I mixed up my routine a bit from the last couple of weeks solely for scheduling reasons, and it proved to be just enough to keep me on my toes.  I like to keep my weekly workout schedule somewhat consistent for planning purposes, but really this week proved why it’s totally worth it to switch gears on occasion.  With Chris away this week, I was trying to make sure I maximized my time at home with Finnegan, so I opted for morning HIIT classes and an earlier evening spin class (on a different day, with a different instructor).  This meant missing a format I really like, however it also meant attending a couple of other formats I really like that I haven’t been to in some time.  I struggled through the workouts in a good way because I hadn’t done them in a while!
Also, apparently according to the article, mornings really are the best time to burn!
Of course, if I don’t go in the evening with my mom at least once a week or so, she’ll be really sad.  She is not a morning person and won’t hit up 6:15am with me!

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